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About Company


Доставка до транспортных компаний БЕСПЛАТНО: Деловые линии, Энергия.  

The company is located in the city of Novosibirsk, founded more than 110 years ago. Beneficial economic-geographical location in the crossing of the important transport communications (railway, waterway, air and cars) allows to deliver our products from Novosibirsk to different regions of the country.
A product loading is made on Novosibirsk storehouse, where the assortment is often renewed. The office and storehouse are situated in Mira Street, 63a.
In the supermarket of manufactured goods, products have low prices due to high daily sales.  
We are looking for Russian representatives of Chinese companies to make our own company be supplied by manufactured goods.

We are looking for partners in Kazakhstan.

Our company does services for participants of foreign economic policy, including drawing up contracts and custom, and also products expedition.

You can order a product from the price-list by telephone, placed in the section "Contacts", or by using our site in section "Product order"


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