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Our Service


Доставка до транспортных компаний БЕСПЛАТНО: Деловые линии, Энергия.  

 Delivering to any part of Russia: fast and cheap...

 As a company, oriented on carrying out our client's preferences and requirements, we take active steps to expand the sphere of services. One of the directions, created to solve the problem with delivering sold product, is organization of intraurban and interurban trucking industry. Clients don't have to spend their time on looking for the way of transportation, so they can concentrate only on choosing and buying a product.

Our experience allows finding the best scheme of product delivering to any part of Russia and Kazakhstan, depending on cubic capacity, weight and product peculiarities, very fast and effective. At the same time, the system of paying for delivering always stays simple and available.
  In modern Russia, due to the growth of competition on the domestic market, many Russian companies see the solution of the problem with hiring their competitiveness in entering foreign market. Import of cheaper and more qualitative equipment, raw material, or export - it is, no doubt, the higher stage in developing for every firm, the stage which requires better labour management, special skills and experience.

Company, leading foreign-economic activity, faces with many questions:

  • communication on foreign languages;
  • right deal appraisal;
  • organization and conduction of negotiations with making contracts;
  • working out of a contract;
  • lowing of cost of production  due to contract realization;
  • guaranty of  receiving your product or pay for the product;
  • insurance of product and deal;
  • delivering of product  safely and on time;
  • carrying out currency and tariff legislation requires;
  • solving other problems, appearing because of a contract.

If big companies can afford themselves to have their own qualified specialists in the sphere of FEA, smaller companies have to look for them because of rarely foreign economic deals. The FEA organization requires dealing with different organizations, which quality is a headache of company owners. Our company - is one of a few in Novosibirsk, delivering services in the sphere of FEA. Our peculiarity is in that we offer our services in the aggregate, in other words we are able to help during the whole contract realization: from the preparation of contract text to all bank, tariff legislation and other formalities. We also deliver services of a contract-handler. We see the function of our company in satisfying needs of Russian and foreign juridical and physical persons in the sphere of foreign-economic activity, also in setting up contacts with exporters and importers, in helping with exporting/importing products and in finding solutions to enforce the deal. We are ready to find all solutions in enforcing foreign-trade deals, including work with tariff legislation, banks, and transport companies. How can we do all this? Our own experience in the area of exporting and importing different materials and equipment plus skills in the sphere of FEA in Russia and Novosibirsk, - all this gives us an opportunity to deliver services of high quality in short periods.

Our specialists have experience in enforcing foreign-trade deals with firms from such countries as: Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, China, Mongolia, Algeria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, the USA, Commonwealth of Independent States, Baltic States. Desiring to help our clients, we are ready to offer different ways of cooperation. The approach to every client is individual, so our clients always get guaranteed solutions due to their personal needs.

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